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FIORETTO motto is:
       Versatility, Speed and Quality.
After years of study with our welt sewing machine model EWS4HT we have succeeded.
The manufacturing of goodyear shoes has been always considered excellent.It’s perfect shoes,extremely comfortable and elegant to guarantee of exceptional quality.In the goodyear welt construction a strip of soft leather is sewn to the leather lip in the insole and fixing together the
upper and the lining. Then everything is trimmed and applied a layer of cork “FLEXOFIL” for cover the space between the insole and the bottom.At the end can sewing the bottom plus welt with our outsole stitching machine model ESS 828HT.
The resulti s simply perfect ,with new techniques developed by us , we can say that everything is extremely easy.With our welt sewing machine having the NEEDLE and AWL we can sew shoes that until recently could only be sewn by hand by skilled sewers.